Top 6 Asian Health Care Goals


We are going to quickly look at the best Asian destinations for health travel. This will give you a brief overview of what is available and provide a starting point for deeper research.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a special administrative region of the People's Republic of China which has been allowed to maintain a high degree of autonomy in all internal affairs, such as economy and culture. SAR has been setting standards in medical treatment since its centuries-long existence as a British Crown colony. It has 12 private hospitals accredited by the British QHA Trent and several of them have dual JCI accreditation. The costs are relatively low and are maintained at 20-23% of US government policy costs. The alliance between government and government has started a joint effort to strengthen the role of medical tourism in Hong Kong. Currently, about 7% of patient beds are occupied by medical tourists, a percentage that is growing rapidly. No visa is required for stays of up to 180 days.


India is a major player in medical tourism, in 2010 it greets over a million medical tourists a year. Unlike many countries, India provides a wide range of health services with an emphasis on heart surgery, joint replacement, bone marrow transplantation and other advanced procedures. . Currently, 10 major hospitals in India have received JCI accreditation, and the Indian government is actively promoting international accreditation and is improving the medical infrastructure problems that are currently hampering the growth rate of medical tourism. Health care costs in India are among the lowest in the world with 10-20% of US rates. India, with the most populous democracy in the world, has a healthy economy and encompasses enormous geographical and cultural diversity. Visas are required for entry but are relatively easy to obtain.


Malaysia soon welcomes nearly a million medical tourists a year to its coast. The country is largely English speaking and health facilities are subject to a strong internal accreditation organization of the Malaysian Health Quality Society. In addition to national accreditation, many better hospitals in Malaysia also seek international accreditation. Medical facilities are concentrated mainly in Kuala Lumpur, perhaps one of the most beautiful cities in Asia. The cost of healthcare is, on average, around 25% of the cost in the US, depending on the somewhat uneven exchange value for ringgit. Medical services are expanding from their original focus on cosmetic surgery to procedures for more serious illnesses.


The Philippines, consisting of thousands of beautiful tropical islands, is growing as a medical tourism destination by approximately 8% per year. There are close cultural, economic and political links between the Philippines and the United States, which may increase the role of the Philippines as a medical tourism destination. Much of the US medical professionals have been trained in the Philippines, reflecting a solid tradition of medical education and culture. The Philippine government has set itself the target of attracting approximately 750 000 medical tourists per year, a target that will soon be within reach. The cost of healthcare in the Philippines is on average about 20-25% of US prices.


Singapore is considered the best healthcare system in Asia and one of the best in the world. A long active medical tourism destination (about a million medical tourists a year!), Providing medical services to international patients is the primary goal of multi-government and industry partnerships. Health tourists come from all over Asia and the world. Health care costs are not the lowest, averaging about one-third of US rates, but thanks to Singapore's reputation as a clean, safe and cosmopolitan city in which English is spoken, there are many more surcharges. A growing number of Singaporean hospitals have been internationally accredited with more than a dozen JCI accreditation since 2006. The constant climate of the tropical rainforest makes Singapore a pleasure in all seasons.


Thailand is perhaps the most active medical tourism destination and welcomes around two million tourists each year. One hospital alone treated more than 50,000 US patients in 2005 at an average cost of about 30% of the cost of the American medical system. Nearly any medical procedure can be delivered anywhere in Thailand. Although many Thai doctors and nurses are trained in the US or the UK and hold these professional certificates, the Thai government does not emphasize the role of international accreditation of its hospitals. However, several of the best private hospitals received JCI accreditation.


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How does TRAVEL help your health?


From time to time, almost everyone, at times, feels, by their routine, has become a college and must escape a little to reduce stress, anxiety, thereby improving their personal health, and well-being. One great way to do this is to commit, regularly, TRAVEL, and escape in a positive way. It's more about enjoying life to the fullest, instead of constantly concentrating and worrying about your work schedule and routine. With this in mind, this article will try to explore, explore, explore, review and discuss using a mnemonic approach, what possibilities and benefits of this set of ideas and behaviors could be to make you happier. and healthier.

1. Thoughts: Start with your personal thought processes. When one travels and escapes the stresses and pressures, everyday experiences and duties, one must first do everything he can to clear his mind and live at the moment. When you do that, usually revives and revives in a positive and refreshing way!

2. Reasoning; reason: By adapting your attitude and attention and transforming your thinking to make your desire more relaxed and comforting, your justification becomes your friend instead of a potential enemy!

3. Access; Attention: What we pay attention to and often prioritize determines whether we will act positively, we can, attitudes, instead of negative, problem-oriented! Our focus, often needs, some adjustments, and take time off, generally, is beneficial!

4. Views; value; values; vitality: Explore your personal views and strive for more vitality. Do you undertake to pay attention to the best values ​​rather than embark on a journey with the least resistance? We often tend to take for granted and it is important to value what we are and / or our personal potential. This often becomes a challenge because we are so bound to our daily stresses and struggles. Occasionally it will help you alleviate these inconveniences when you run away! Traveling should improve our personal vitality in a personal, fulfilling, motivating way!

5. Enjoyment: Wouldn't it be more beneficial for you to seek personal pleasure, rather than just getting into the ruts, which will less satisfy you?

6. Levels you: To cope with obstacles and challenges that can create a degree less than optimal balance, it means focusing on things that levels you and you will feel better and personally fulfilled!

Commit to self-help by taking the time TRAVEL. Wouldn't you like to become the best you can be?